Treatment Flow

  1. Appointment

    All visitations are by appointment only. Please call us or fill out the online form to let us know that you would like to make an appointment. We will contact you shortly.


  2. Counseling

    We will adjust the content of the counseling, if necessary, in order to confirm your request and propose the most suitable treatment.


  3. On the day of consultation

    After the physician’s examination and explanation, various treatments will be performed.


  4. Follow-up

    We provide a full range of aftercare services depending on the nature of your treatment.


  • Stem Cell Therapy
    Your own adipose-derived stem cells are multiplied by cell culture and administered by intravenous injection or local injection, which is expected to repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

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  • Immunotherapy
    Immunity can be enhanced by administering various immune cells such as NK cells, T cells, and dendric cells that have been proliferated and activated by cell culture treatment.

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  • Stem Cell Culture Supernatant
    Functional components such as various cytokines and exosomes secreted by stem cells are applied for tissue repair and anti-aging medicine.

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  • Cell Processing Facility
    The safety and quality of regenerative medicine are supported by cell culture technology. Our clinic collaborates with the Biotherapy Institute of Japan, Inc., headed by Hiroshi Terunuma, the director of N2Clinic Yotsuya.

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